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Karen and Ralf Meyer founded Green Fire Productions in 1989 to produce communication tools that help advance conservation and social justice issues. Since then they have produced dozens of award-winning films that are used worldwide by NGOs, Native American tribes, natural resource agencies, industry leaders, educators and individuals. 

Green Fire uses the power of video to move audiences to action and influence decisionmakers on important environmental issues. What have they learned over the past two+ decades? Solution-oriented stories, told by people implementing on- the-ground-changes are the most effective way to help audiences learn what has worked for others and could work for them as well. By witnessing unlikely allies working together to find solutions that benefit both ecosystems and economies, audiences are able to move beyond partisan talking points and begin a meaningful, productive dialog for lasting change.

Green Fire has worked extensively on ocean issues, witnessing both the degradation of marine ecosystems and the growing conflicts over how we use the ocean.  In response to this they explored ecosystem-based ocean planning and were excited by what they found. These stories became the inspiring series of Ocean Frontiers films. More than 700 NGOs, industry associations, natural resource agencies, Native American tribes and individuals are hosting screenings for their communities, colleagues, and students to build awareness for ocean planning.

A recent documentary, Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators, was broadcast on PBS and has screened in hundreds of communities across the US, Mexico and Europe. The film tells the story of a science now discoverying top predators such as wolves and cougars, as revitalizing forces of nature, and of a society now learning tolerance for beasts they once banished. “This is an incredible opportunity for people to learn about scientific discoveries we need to consider and incorporate into our decision-making on managing wildlife and public lands,” said Ralf Meyer.

Common Ground, Green Fire's three-part film series and outreach campaign on ocean conservation, struck a nerve across Oregon. From Charleston to Astoria and from Portland to Newport, thousands filled theaters to capacity to watch these films and discuss threats to marine life and potential benefits for our ocean by designating marine reserves.

Karen Meyer, executive director of Green Fire explained, “We produced Common Ground so that Oregonians could see first hand our underwater world and learn about ocean ecosystems, environmental problems and solutions - and get involved in this issue.” The films were a catalyst for discussion which ultimately led to the designation of Oregon's network of marine reserves.

Collaborating closely with clients and partners, Green Fire creates strategic distribution plans, to achieve the desired results. “We work with our partners to train them and educate them about how to incorporate film in their outreach and media work,” Karen says.

The results? Compelling films that engage and educate an audience, frame the debate, generate media coverage, and persuade decision makers to make better-informed decisions.

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