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To learn more or get involved, click on any of the groups listed below:

Sustainability: River Restoration

> American Rivers
By selectively removing dams that don't make sense, we can restore rivers, bring back fish and wildlife, improve recreation opportunities, and revitalize local communities.

> Trout Unlimited
Learn more about dam removal as a river and fisheries restoration tool and how you can become involved.

> Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition
Find out how you can help recover Snake River salmon and the rivers and habitat upon which they depend.

Conservation: Ancient Forests & Wilderness Protection

Alliance for the Wild Rockies
Help protect the Northern Rockies Bioregion, a vast public wildlands that provides habitat for wildlife populations including grizzly bear, gray wolf, woodland caribou, anadromous salmon and trout, and a host of lesser known species.

> American Lands Alliance
Learn about National Forest issues across the country. Join their Activist list and take part in national efforts to protect ancient forests.

> Friends of Elk River
Get involved in the campaign to protect the pristine ancient forests of the Elk River as the Copper Salmon Wilderness in the Siskiyou National Forest in southern Oregon.

> Hell Canyon Preservation Council
Help protect and restore Hells Canyon-Wallowa and Blue Mountain ecosystems, some of Oregon’s wildest country.

> Kettle Range Conservation Group
Help defend wilderness, protect biodiversity, and restore ecosystems of the Columbia River Basin.

> Wild Washington Campaign
Take part in the Wild Washington Campaign to protect what remains of our wilderness heritage: clean water, open space, scenic beauty, native plants, fish, wildlife and outdoor recreation.

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