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Television wildlife programs are popular, but do not necessarily promote conservation. They provide lots of pretty pictures, but little information about an animal’s survival status, threats to its habitat, or proposals to protect its future.

Green Fire provides that depth and context. And we spotlight solutions to conservation problems. Our programs connect with a broad array of mainstream audiences, helping people understand what’s at stake, and inspiring people to care enough to become involved and make their voices heard.

    Case Studies

"Bringing Back the Salmon: Bypassing Dams to Recover Snake River Salmon"
National Wildlife Federation and Save Our Wild Salmon succeeds in educating and mobilizing thousands of supporters nationwide to tell Congress they want to recover Snake River salmon by removing the four lower Snake River dams.

  "Beyond Borders: Wildlands of the Northern Rockies"
The Alliance for the Wild Rockies finds a powerful new way to advance a groundbreaking approach to saving species.
  "Washington Wilderness: Our Common Heritage"
A coalition of forty conservation and outdoor organizations build supporters, from Seattle soccer moms to eastern Oregon ranchers, to protect more than 3 million acres of public wildlands as wilderness.
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