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Email your order to We will send you an invoice with your order. Prices listed below include shipping and handling. If you'd like to order multiple copies of a program for outreach or use in your community, inquire about bulk pricing: Agencies and educators may email their order with a purchase order number for billing.

Common Ground: Oregon’s Ocean
This groundbreaking film features stunning views of Oregon’s underwater world and weaves cutting edge marine science with perspectives from those who rely on the ocean for their livelihood. The program presents new and essential information for the discussion about the future of Oregon’s marine environment. 28 minutes VHS $15/DVD $15

Wild Connections: The Hells Canyon-Wallowa Ecosystem
This spectacular film celebrates the stunning beauty and wildlife of Hells Canyon and the Wallowa Mountains, one of the richest ecosystems in North America.  Legendary conservationist, Martin Litton, and environmental writing student, Savanna Ferguson, narrate the film and help us understand this region’s critical importance for fish, wildlife and people across the West. Expanded DVD: $20 Includes additional interviews, presentations, print materials and web links on restoring and protecting public wildlands.

St. Croix East End Marine Park
A vivid portrayal of efforts to protect and restore coral reefs and reef fisheries around the Caribbean island of St. Croix. The program has Caribbean audiences beaming with pride and inspired to consider the sea in their everyday actions. 28 minutes DVD $15

Taking a Second Look: Communities and Dam Removal
Many communities across the nation are finding that removing an obsolete dam can improve their fisheries, enhance recreation and revitalize local economies. This program profiles three of them - in Wisconsin, California and Maine. Community members share their concerns, their advice and describe the benefits they’ve discovered to a free flowing river. 22 minutes, $15.

Bringing Back the Salmon: Bypassing Dams to Restore Snake River Salmon
The survival of imperiled salmon runs that once thrived in vast numbers is a critical issue in the Northwest. This program offers a compelling look at the challenge and at a controversial approach to bringing back the salmon. 17 minutes, $15.

Copper Salmon: A Call for Wilderness
In Oregon, nearly all of what was once a vast coastal rain forest has been logged - except the Elk River watershed. Portrayed are this special forest, its wildlife and the people who want to protect the Elk River headwaters as wilderness. 11 minutes, $10 DVD.

Peace by Piece: Youth Take Action
Empowering portrayal of youth working to break the cycle of violence, racism, and prejudice they face every day. Hear the stories of five young people who took action to both change their lives and work to help others discover non-violent solutions to solve the problems they run up against with peers, family, at school, and in their communities. 16 minutes, $15 DVD

Reusable Textiles: The Responsible Choice
Reusable textiles offer a safe and environmentally friendly way to significantly decrease the amount of waste generated in hospitals, clinics, and long-term health care facilities. Medical staff speak to the initial concerns they had about making such a change, and conveys their satisfaction and confidence with the reusable products’ safety, reliability, cost, and environmental impact. 15 minutes, $15

Willamette Legacy
What will happen to our water quality as our population grows? Willamette Legacy depicts the current and historical conditions of the Willamette River Basin and portrays innovative solutions underway to prevent run-off pollution, and ways to protect and restore water quality, riverside landscapes, and fish and wildlife habitat. 22 minutes, $15.

Young Musicians and Artists
Young Musicians and Artists is a summer camp that brings together an amazing array of talented young people each year. The video is a fun and spunky profile of the arts camp that builds skills, confidence, and camaraderie among the participants.  20 minutes, $15
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