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Innovative solutions to serious problems are unfolding every day. We just don’t hear enough about them.

Green Fire video programs profile these exciting solutions and bring them to audiences that need to hear them the most. By modeling success and the viability of innovative solutions we believe if the followers lead, the leadership will follow.

    Case Studies

"Taking a Second Look: Communities and Dam Removal"
Trout Unlimited, American Rivers, the National Park Service, and others persuade people across North America to consider dam removal when dealing with a problem dam.

  "Reusable Textiles: The Responsible Choice"
The American Reusable Textile Association builds credibility for their green textiles in the medical and long term health care industries.
  "Willamette Legacy"
Governor Kitzhaber’s Willamette River Basin Task Force educates and motivates farmers, landowners, developers and others to make changes to their land development, farming, municipal waste disposal, household, and lawn maintenance practices.
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