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Build credibility, and you increase a campaign’s momentum and opportunity for success.

"It used to be that the disposable industry was not even concerned with us. Today they take us very seriously. Credibility has certainly been achieved through the use of the videos (Reusable Textiles: The Responsible Choice) both for American Reusable Textile Association and the companies that offer reusable textiles over disposables."
- Brad Bushman, American Reusable Textile Association

• "Beyond Borders" has built credibility for the Alliance for the Wild Rockies and made people fall in love with our region. It’s been shown all over the region and the country, and I don’t care how good a public speaker you are, Beyond Borders is so much more effective reaching an audience and motivating them to get involved."
- Dan Funsch, Former Outreach Coordinator, Alliance for the Wild Rockies

• The Wild Washington Campaign needed to build credibility among diverse Washington residents and convey that preserving roadless areas is in their best interest. "At a recent Rotary presentation the pillars of society were there, leaders in the business and civic community, very conservative audience. I showed the video (Washington Wilderness: Our Common Heritage), and it is ‘bullet proof’ with this crowd. It’s very versatile and can be used just as easily to talk to Seattle soccer moms, or retired people in Yakima, or a resident in Spokane."
- Jon Owen, Washington Wilderness Coalition

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