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The first step towards change is education.

"Peace by Piece: Youth Take Action," with its gritty, in your face attitude and very hip approach, grabs teen audiences and engages them immediately on the very tough issues of racism, violence, and prejudice. I’ve watched it open up intense discussions everywhere we show it — it’s the ticket for us to engage youth, and we’re building an entire youth program around "Peace by Piece."
- Rachel O’Rourke, Oregon Peace Institute

• A private engineering firm that both builds and dismantles dams distributed copies of "Taking a Second Look: Communities and Dam Removal" to colleagues at the 2001Canadian Dam Association annual meeting as a public outreach tool to quell opposition to specific dam removal projects.

"Dam owners themselves are using this tape to show that dam removal has very positive benefits."
- Richard Donnelly, engineer, Acres International

• Trout Unlimited needed to educate community members, business leaders, and anglers on the importance of bull trout, the threats to their habitat, and what people in Idaho and Montana are doing to improve bull trout habitat on private land. More than 200 copies of "Bull Trout: Bringing Back the Bulls" are in use by government agencies, teachers, and community members. The 2001 Trout magazine notes the video’s, "fascinating factoids", "crystal-clear underwater footage", and "spectacular scenics" are encouraging people to follow the examples of their peers in order to protect bull trout habitat.

• Schools and universities across the country from Reynolds High School in Oregon, to Princeton University supplement their classroom curriculum with Green Fire videos after discovering, as one teacher at Proctor Academy in New Hampshire puts it, "the programs are really helpful in educating students about issues that are little publicized by the mainstream media."

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