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In the information age, video coverage is key to framing the issue.

"There’s nothing more motivating when you’re trying to explain to people why they should help to protect a beautiful and valuable natural resource than to show them, in living images, the place itself: it’s form, it’s bounty and inspiration. By my calculations, over 30 television stations have used the footage. The availability of the excellent footage not only assisted reporters with their stories; it also helps us sell the story to them. "
-Ric Bailey, Executive Director, Hells Canyon Preservation Council, faced with the challenge of working to protect a remote area few people know.

• Providing video footage (B-Roll) at opportune times for media use is a cornerstone of Green Fire work:

"Green Fire played a critical role in the Heritage Forest Campaign by providing ancient forest and ancient forest destruction B-roll footage to the campaign: footage that no one else can provide. There’s no doubt that Green Fire’s B-roll footage made for better TV coverage on the roadless policy issue."
-Ken Rait, Heritage Forest Campaign, commenting on the impact of reaching150 media markets nationwide with Green Fire B-roll footage.

• Green Fire footage travels around the globe and has appeared in hundreds of media markets on network news, PBS, "60 Minutes," The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, MTV News, NHK Japan, Norway Public TV, and satellite feeds. Rare environmental footage continues to put pressure on decisionmakers the world over.

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