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"Having Green Fire produce 'Taking a Second Look' for us was one of the best investments we've made." --Elizabeth Maclin, American Rivers

Hundreds of television stations base stories on Green Fire video footage. Thousands of public presentations feature our documentaries. Tens of thousands of citizens become informed, involved, and infuse conservation, environmental, and social justice issues with critical momentum.

Some communities who have seen our dam removal program have themselves decided to remove their own problem dam to restore a river and their economic vitality. Others have become enthused about protecting wildlife. And thousands of youth have been empowered to act against the roots of violence, discrimination, and racism.

From the start, Green Fire will focus on the outcomes you want to achieve. That can mean increasing media coverage, inspiring citizen involvement, educating the public, building credibility, changing the debate and influencing decision makers.

Green Fire Productions: Media tools that mean results.

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