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"In the end it’s going to be the video that protects the Copper Salmon. It is my main ammunition. To a large degree, the outreach video (Copper Salmon) convinced Coos and Curry County commissioners, Governor Kitzhaber, Senator Wyden’s office, Republican party officials, and many local conservatives to support and work for protecting the ancient forests and outstanding salmon habitat found in the Copper Salmon Roadless area."
- Jim Rogers, of Friends of Elk River, on the influence of "Copper Salmon: A Call for Wilderness"

"There was a clear change of mind after viewing ‘Taking a Second Look’. Our town council was divided on the very contentious decision of whether to repair or remove the Collegeville dam. Only after watching the video did everyone wholeheartedly support removing the publicly owned dam, and we voted 5-0 in favor of dam removal."
- Terrie Stagliano, Town Councilwoman, Collegeville Borough, Pennsylvania

"The video (Rough & Ready Creek) was instrumental in gaining public support, empowering activists, and getting 5,000 comments to the Forest Service. According to the agency, the public support we generated with the video gave them the cover to make better management decisions. The video has helped us turn this issue around."
- Barbara Ullian, Siskiyou Regional Education Project

"I distributed ‘Logs, Lies & Videotape’ to primarily East Coast Republicans and Democrats who were targeted for cosponsorship of the Furse bill. Approximately 10 of those Congress people signed onto the bill since."
- Jacqui Bonomo, Director, Western Office, National Wildlife Federation

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