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Inspire activism in others, and you provide a mechanism for real social and environmental change.

"Taking a Second Look is the perfect movie for educating people so we can get beyond the partisan yelling matches we’ve been having and learn about the benefits of removing the Savage Rapids Dam... and that we will survive and prosper after the removal."
- Bert Doshier, a conservative member of the Grants Pass Irrigation District, who decided to use "Taking A Second Look" to inform people in his community about the benefits of dam removal.

  • Postcards from 10,000 individuals requesting the removal of the lower Snake River dams in Washington showed up on the doorsteps of Congress just weeks after two hundred National Wildlife Federation affiliates screened "Bringing Back the Salmon" in communities across the country.

  • Inspired by the video, "Peace by Piece," a Native American youth recently released from jail began working with native youth and encouraging them to stay in school and use conflict resolution rather than violence to solve their problems.

  • Building public support for environmental protection in remote, rural areas is difficult to accomplish. Yet with a Green Fire outreach video, The Wild Washington Campaign is quickly garnering widespread support. "The personal stories in the video are great for opening the hearts and minds of the audience–it's a wonderful tool for opening a communication channel in people that otherwise would be very difficult....You'd need a very compelling speech and you'd need people who understand the issue, whereas this says it all in 15 minutes, and it establishes a stage whereby anybody can then give a follow up talk and ask for public involvement."\
    - Tim Coleman, Kettle Range Conservation Group on "Wild Washington: Our Common Heritage."


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